Politics, Plain and Simple

Our Self-Segregating Nation

I was inspired to write this post by a recent article on Reuters.com. ¬†According to the article, President Obama recently gave a speech in which he “urges blacks to vote and ‘guard the change.'” ¬†Obama is trying to rally the troops again, but which troops exactly? ¬†While he has done a lot of campaigning to try to help his fellow democrats this fall, this may be the only instance of ‘racial’ campaigning. ¬†Any why is he allowed to call on black voters while it would be heinous for any white candidate to ‘rally the white voters?’ ¬†Because we are an over-anti-discriminating nation that’s taken equal opportunity and ran down the hall with it yelling “equal outcomes for all!”

Political correctness in this country is at an all-time high. ¬†Well, maybe higher for some than for others. ¬†There seems to be a growing ‘self-segregation’ of America, and it’s origin is interesting.

Almost every day I walk down the street to work, class, or out for the evening with friends, I notice the same trend over and over:  groups of friends or coworkers who all look the same.

Now, I know segregation is illegal in this country but, by the looks of our social groups, it may still be alive in spirit. ¬†This self-segregation by minority groups is just looked at like it’s normal or expected, and even a group composed of only caucasians in the city doesn’t cause much of a stir. ¬†If we’re such an open and¬†tolerant¬†society, why are we so insistent on being with only people of our own race?

The segregation goes beyond simple social activities, however. ¬†There are organizations, clubs, unions, associations, and more ¬†created for every minority group imaginable. ¬†They range from the NAACP to the AMMA, there are groups for anyone involved with anything, as long as you’re a minority. ¬†While minorities have struggled for acceptance and equality for years and now that they have it, they create their own segregated groups.

Most people would see nothing wrong with this. ¬†However, Imagine what would happen if someone created an “National Association for the Advancement of White People.” ¬†What do you think the reaction would be from the african-american community? ¬†What if there were an “Ivory” magazine or a “Majority Professionals Association”?

Answer: The outcry from the minority community would be so great, the associations would be sued left and right for discrimination while the minority associations remain.

While I’m not advocating racism or segregation in the least, I do think it’s very interesting how our society struggled for many years with civil rights only to have it unofficially segregated by the very groups who worked so hard to defeat segregation in the first place.


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