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Bipartisan Opposition of the Defense Authorization Bill
September 16, 2010, 12:46 AM
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A rare occurrence in Washington: members of both parties agree on something.

While it isn’t everyone, members of both sides are becoming increasingly skeptical of Harry Reid’s (D-Nevada) recent incorporation of the DREAM Act into the defense authorization bill. ¬†Republicans accuse Reid of turning national defense into a controversial issue. Even some democrats, such as Senator Nelson of Nebraska, have predicted a lack of support from democrats for the defense bill after the attachment of the DREAM Act.

The DREAM Act would not only allow illegal immigrants serving in the U.S. Military to become citizens, but would also give the opportunity to illegal immigrants who are now excelling in school in the United States the chance to become citizens.

Why should the United States allow illegal immigrants to become citizens instantly while many foreigners emigrate from their countries to the U.S. and work for many years to earn citizenship?  While military service is extremely commendable and respectable, how have illegal immigrants joined the U.S. forces in the first place if they could not give proof of citizenship?  There are thousands of foreigners in the United States under legal Visas, studying and working to better themselves or their families.  Why, then, are we allowing illegal immigrants, who have taken short-cuts, to become full-fledged citizens while those who have gone through proper channels of immigration are left in the bureaucratic limbo of the immigration services?

How were they allowed to study in American schools without a proper visa?  I know, for certain, that I would not be allowed to even enter China, let alone study there, without a current, validated visa. So, why are we tolerating illegal immigrants in our own universities or military?

One last question poses itself:  why are we including the DREAM Act in the defense authorization bill and how does naturalizing illegal immigrants improve U.S. national security?

For the sake of national security and defense, please pass a bill that actually addresses national security and defense issues.


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